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Everyone has memories. I thought it would be a lot of fun to share them with each other. Please share your memories now! Share Your Memory!


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Year & Location of Birth



Ayr Australia

First memory

My first memory was extremely detailed and very vivid. It was totally verified in my early teens when I finally confided it to my mother. It was purely visual seen from approximately the height of 6feet. From the corner of a bedroom looking across to two sets of French doors opposite, to the left a pink sheen bedspread over a double bed with arched cream bedhead and a window behind it. Soft bright light coming through sheer curtains over these three doors and windows. Soft muffled sounds like far away speech, followed by a dark haired woman carrying a bundle with a grey slicked back hair man immediately behind her, coming through the nearest French door. The woman carried this bundled baby to the same place where I appeared to be viewing from. As she placed the baby where I was viewing from, I looked down to see a baby looking up from a cot. I blinked and now was looking up from the cot at this woman and mans face looking at me. I felt tired now for the first time and I fell to sleep. My mother was to later confirm to me that was exactly as she and my father brought me home from the hospital the first day. I had described exactly the main bedroom and my cot in the corner, my next memory was not till many months later when I would lay on my belly and my mum would softly pat my bum while she would sing me to sleep.

Maryland, USA

First memory

I was a baby, just brought home from the hospital a few weeks before on July 5th, so, it was still high summer. I woke one mid morning to the raucous buzz the cicadas. I could see a window, and on the other side I saw plants, densely gathered, all reaching to the sun, which they were already bathed in. The plants were stretching their leaves like a person would reach with their arms. The plants were very busy, very active, and I remember thinking they were another animal or person.

Spencer, Iowa

First memory

I was born with a birth-defect the result of which I had to undergo surgery very soon after birth. It seems incredible, even to me, but I have a memory of being an infant and of the intense pain at the time of the surgery. I must have been to small to have been put under anesthesia. This memory is very distant to me today but it was intensely vivid during my childhood.


First memory

My sister and I were very creative when we were young. Well, it was mostly my sister who came up with most of the games and I, little sister, would follow her around copying everything she did. This one time we were playing on the balcony of our apartment on 7th floor, where my mom left a big iron pot. My sister without thinking jumped on top of it and from there climbed to the top of the balcony fence and sat on it swinging her legs. We were both laughing and enjoying the chat. I was getting ready to climb the iron pot when my mom saw us and completely lost it. I have never seen my mom as terrified as she was at that moment. We knew right away the game was over.


First memory

I was 4 maybe 5, in kinder garden. We were given color books and asked to color one specific picture. I remember it was some warrior on a horse with a giant sword. Once we were done we were asked to place the color books on the floor for everyone to see. Then each of us would pick a picture we liked the most, find its owner and form a pair with this person to the dinning room. It was one of those little tasks our teacher gave us to keep us busy.


First memory

This might not qualify as a "first" memory, but a very early one. My family were relatively poor when I was young and because of that, even in the 1950's, my mom took on a job as the school bus driver for one of the only Yiddish Schools (not Hebrew, Yiddish) in early Miami. In an attempt to keep order on the bus, she sang to them and played driving games like having them list and count out of state license plates. They'd compete for who could count the most. She kept playing that game with generation after generation of children riding her bus. Later in my life, she even taught it to my wife, who still today spots out of state plates for me!


Happiest memory

I remember aur da chinese peopo walking on da street eating da noodres. Den dis crazy guai lo come up to me and say "Ching Chong Ling Long Ding Dong". I say Lei go sei ba po di lei lo mo, i yo mada!!! And da Guai lo run away like a Chinese wonton sliding on a mexican hill. Fank You verry much

New Jersey

First day of school

I had a temper tantrum on the morning of my first day of kindergarten and refused to get in the car. I grabbed the handle of a garbage can and wouldn't let go until my dad pried my fingers apart. Had I known how many years of school laid ahead, I would have gripped that handle even harder.

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